Tennis LED lighting

Lighting an outdoor tennis court:
When lighting a tennis court, the objective is to ensure good visibility allowing players and spectators to follow the progress of a match. The ball, regardless of its location and speed, must always be clearly visible.

To create good visibility, it is necessary to create sufficient contrast between the objects and their backgrounds, good lighting levels and even distribution of light on the reading surface (uniformity) and minimize glare.

Lighting an indoor tennis court:

We recommend the use of floodlights that are mounted parallel to the sidelines and outside the Principal Playing Area (PPA). No floodlights should be positioned in the part of the ceiling which is directly above the area limited by the rectangle of the marked area extended to the full depth of the run back behind the baselines. The interior surfaces of indoor courts can help to make the ball more visible against them. However, the right choice of color and reflectance can also assist with the perceived quality of the lighting installation. Background colors of blue or green are preferable and should be as uniform as possible.
Source: ITF lighting requirements

Worldhand offers Tennis LED lighting that emits bright, uniform illumination, so games can be played at any time of the day or night with great visibility. Our high-quality LED luminaires are used in Tennis centers, stadiums, and recreational parks around the world.


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