Swimming LED Lighting

Lighting a swimming pool
The main requirement is to ensure the safety of users by providing adequate illumination and control of reflection on the water surface. The control of surface reflection is particularly important to allow staff to deal with any swimmers in difficulty in the pool. With the complex nature of pool design and restrictions on positioning floodlights, it is important that lighting is considered at the earliest stages of the pool design.
This is particularly important to allow staff to be able to detect swimmers in difficulty. This may be hampered by the reflection of a floodlight obscuring the view of a swimmer in the water.
The reflected image of a floodlight in water increases with the angle of incidence. Once this angle exceeds 70° such reflections could mask the swimmer from view by divers and pool attendants. Care must therefore be taken in the positioning of floodlights relative to the main viewing direction of safety attendants
Source: Society of Light and Lighting UK

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