LED Street Lights Moon B series

LED Street Lights Moon B series

LED Street Lights Moon B series is our upgrade models and it also be made of pure die-casting aluminum, the ideas of the design are streamlined, simple, and also fashionable.

  • Patented Die-casting aluminum heat-sink structure.
  • High-quality aluminum processing technique.
  • Special surface treatment process.
  • High Lumen Output LED light source, high efficiency, and long-life power supply.
  • Motion Controlled Sensor for effective dimming and high energy saving.
Our Product features

Here are some advantages features of our LED Lighting products, which help you understand more.

High Effiency LEDs

The actual "CHIP" is different, using high-quality LED chips to reach the Highest lumen output, strong heat dissipation, refused to splash screen to protect the eyes and health.

Energy Saving Solutions

Worldhand provides a total solution for the intelligent street lighting systems.

Feature & Advantages

Beam Angle


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