LED Stadium Lights FLS series

LED Stadium FLS series, is fold-fin heatsink technology and air ventilation housing design, it helps to bring the heat away from the LED light source by natural convection with long lifespan.

  • Unique patented thermal management design to ensure low LED junction temperature.
  • Extremely light weight for safety use and installation.
  • Ultra high power to give ultra high brightness.
  • Easy installation and maintenance, dust prevention, longer lifetime with high lumen maintenance.
  • Energy savings, no UV and IR radiations, emits low heat.
Our Product features

Here are some advantages features of our LED Lighting products, which help you understand more.

High Effiency LEDs

The actual "CHIP" is different, using high-quality LED chips to reach the Highest lumen output, strong heat dissipation, refused to splash screen to protect the eyes and health.

Energy Saving Solutions

We usually recommend wireless Zigbee dimming solutions for any indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

Feature & Advantages

Beam Angle


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