LED Flood Lights K series

LED Flood Lights K series

The LED Floodlights K series are ODM with diecasting aluminum alloy housing and integrated design, the watt from 10w to 300w, it is superior quality and high brightness.

• Air cooling Design, Post top or Pendant Mounting, Superior Low-glare Illumination, Optional with Photo Cell, Optional Black, White, or Bronze color.
• >140 lm/W designed to meet and exceed industry performance standards
• High Lumen output, stable performance, long life span, wide application range.
• Low power consumption, energy-efficient, and environment friendly.
• Stainless steel screws for durability and maintenance.

Our Product features

Here are some advantages features of our LED Lighting products, which help you understand more.

High Effiency LEDs

The actual "CHIP" is different, using high-quality LED chips to reach the Highest lumen output, strong heat dissipation, refused to splash screen to protect the eyes and health.

Die-Casting AI Heatsink

The thermal conductivity 96W/m@25°C, results in excellent thermal managment.

Feature & Advantages

Beam Angle


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