LED Street Light Fixtures 3000K CCT

The color temperature is an essential parameter when choosing led street lamp products, and the color temperature in different illuminance occasions gives people a different feeling. The LED street lamp emits white light at a color temperature of about 5000K and yellow light or warm white light at about 3000K. When you need to buy LED street light fixtures, you must understand the color temperature to choose products.

The color temperature of different illuminance scenes gives people different feelings. In low illuminance scenes, 3000K color temperature light makes people feel happy and comfortable; Over 3000k can make people feel gloomy, dim, and cool; high illuminance scenes and low color temperature light make people feel Like stuffy; the high color temperature will make people feel comfortable and happy. Therefore, the workplace needs a high illuminance and high color temperature environment, and the resting place needs a low illuminance and low color temperature environment.

In daily life, the color temperature of ordinary incandescent lamps is about 2800K, the color temperature of halogen lamps is 3400K, the color temperature of daylight fluorescent lamps is about 6500K, the color temperature of warm white fluorescent lamps is about 4500K, and the color temperature of high-pressure sodium lamps is about 2000-2100K. Yellow light or warm white light of about 3000K is more suitable for road lighting, while the color temperature of LED street lights of about 5000K is not suitable for road lighting. Because the color temperature of 5000K will make people visually very cold and dazzling, resulting in excessive visual fatigue of pedestrians and causing discomfort to pedestrians on the road.

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