Golf LED Lighting

Lighting a golf course
The distance markers must be clearly visible and the player must be able to follow the flight of the ball. While the tee areas will require separate illumination, there should be general illumination of the full length of the golf range surface.
End-range lighting systems have primarily been utilized to illuminate golf ranges. This type of system employs high-powered floodlights behind tee locations with high angles of elevation to achieve adequate vertical illuminance at each target area.
Mounting heights will have little significant influence upon the resultant illumination of the distance markers, and, as the glare to golfers will not be an influencing factor, low mounting heights may be used. Glare to the surrounding neighborhood is probable from viewing directions towards the tees in the direction of play. Natural screening or careful siting of the golf range will provide the best practical solution to alleviate any direct glare.
Source: Society of Light and Lighting UK

Worldhand offers Golf LED lighting that emits bright, uniform illumination, so golf can be played even at night with great visibility. Our high-quality LED luminaires are used in Golf courses and range around the world.


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