Warehouse LED Lighting

Worldhand is a leading manufacturer of advanced specification LED luminaires for warehouses, storage facilities and manufacturing operations around the world.

The best-LED warehouse lighting addresses four important lighting issues: performance, visibility, beam uniformity, and safety. Worldhand’s LED lighting fixtures offer significant advantages over high-pressure sodium, metal halide, or fluorescent technology and are the highest in energy efficiency and instrument operating temperature.


LED lighting in warehouse facilities is currently the most energy-efficient technology because our patented cooling technology enables LED lamps to provide higher lumens per watt and extend service life, thereby reducing maintenance costs in warehouse distribution centers.


Important factors to consider in terms of proper visibility of warehouses and warehouses include the tasks performed, the workers’ age and type of space – whether open space or lined racks. The more active the area, such as the loading platform or the staging area, the higher the lighting level requirements. The higher brightness of the LEDs helps to compensate for poor contrast and smaller objects and can reduce operating costs by up to 66%.

Beam Uniformity

LED warehouse and distribution center lighting provides excellent beam uniformity. When the brightness in the field of view is fairly uniform, the function of the human eye is more comfortable and effective. Lighting uniformity within the warehouse space is critical because it improves employee performance. For example, forklift drivers can work faster when they can view product stacks up and down without having to wait for their eyes to adapt to different brightness levels in the facility lighting.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Thanks to better color rendering, employees can see better results than other technologies in LED warehouse lighting. The higher the color rendering index (CRI), the more accurate the color and clarity perceived by the eye. The LED warehouse lighting can be specified to have the highest CRI of any light source. This reduces errors and provides a more secure warehouse environment. In addition, if a surge occurs, the metal halide may take 10-15 minutes to re-light the place where the LED illumination will resume immediately.

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