Gas Station LED Lighting

The primary purpose of customers patronizing petrol stations is to refuel, and they will also have a short stay. Prominent gas station lighting will attract the attention of drivers, and comfortable lighting will make them willing to take a short rest. If the petrol station meets their expectations, they will visit again next time. This is a human characteristic. Uncomfortable gas station lighting can make drivers (especially drivers who have just entered the gas station from a dark road environment) feel dazzling, resulting in glare problems. This is not only an unpleasant problem but also has the potential Dangerous. Low-quality lighting is detrimental to the business of the gas station and reduces the work efficiency of employees.

LED gas station lights are specially designed for gas station lighting. The use of professionally designed petrol station lamps can enable the driver to clearly identify the location and highlight the brand logo of the petrol station within a certain distance and achieve energy-saving effects in daily operations. Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, it can save energy by more than 50%. The lowest initial investment cost and daily operating cost in order to achieve energy-saving benefits.
The light source uses a high-intensity gas discharge lamp as the light source, with high luminous efficiency, soft light, uniform illumination, average service life of up to 50,000 hours, and a color rendering index >90.
Lighting effect Appropriate horizontal and vertical illuminance, comfortable color temperature and color rendering, low glare, safer and professional design, reduce direct glare and make driving more comfortable and safer. Comfortable working environment, harmonious atmosphere, good uniformity of illumination. Professional light distribution, wider light distribution, reducing the number of lamps required.
Installation method Ceiling type, embedded installation, simple maintenance, convenient operation and low cost.

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