Airport LED Lighting

Worldhand offers airport LED lighting that delivers lasting performance and cost-effective energy efficiency. Our high-quality LED luminaires are used in airport applications around the world, including halls, aprons, airplanes, hangars, aprons, and other areas.

When you are ready to upgrade airport lighting with the latest LED technology, please consult our LED professional lighting engineer.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient LED lighting is an excellent solution for commercial airport apron lighting. Due to the lower frequency of lamp and ballast replacement, the energy cost savings and reduced maintenance costs make LED luminaires very attractive to airports.


Due to the high color rendering index (CRI) of our LED luminaires, airport aprons and airstrips benefit from more excellent safety. High CRI (> 80) is essential for nighttime visibility. Flicker-free operation and overall control capabilities help to invest in LED ROI, as the ability to adjust fixtures will result in more significant cost savings.

Beam Uniformity

Multiple optical options will result in a more uniform beam with less glare, which improves light quality and safety standards. The pit optics and strategic rod position help minimize the effects of fixture glare, and our custom lens diffusers and matte lenses provide additional control.

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