Why Us?

Why Choose Worldhand Lighting?

As environmental awareness continues to grow, LEDs are attracting attention as an innovative source of lighting. However, such lighting tends to be valued only for its effectiveness in terms of brightness and energy-efficiency. Originally, light was valued for other reasons, notably its ability to invigorate our minds and bodies.
Here at Worldhand, we are not only committed to determining actual brightness and efficiency values; we are also dedicated to researching the essence of light. At the same time, we are creating environments with high added value. In order to create attractively illuminated settings by utilizing the environmental benefits of LEDs to the full, we have applied our expertise in the optical control of LED light sources.
Having developed this expertise through the creation of our conventional lighting,
We have continued to evolve with the development of Worldhand, our new brand of lighting fixtures.
We are focused on creating environments with high added value through eco-friendly, people-friendly, and energy-efficient products. We remain committed to expanding the potential of LED ligh

What we can get from our products and ability?

Compact & Design

By using comprehensive simulations, we design the optimal shapes that provide high performance in a compact fixture.

High Performance

We offer LED modules that accommodate every interior and setting with high efficiency and excellent color rendering.

Long Life & Resource Saving

Reduce your environmental footprint while benefiting from the excellent advantages of LEDs ̶ Energy-efficiency and resource conservation.

UV & IR Protection

Because LEDs emit almost no ultraviolet or infrared radiation, they do not contribute to the discoloration and degradation of furnishings and other items of value.

Full Products

Choose the lighting products that best suit your application and interior setting from our wide-ranging product line.

Optics Design

With optical technologies refined through our expertise with reflectors and lens design, we ensure high-precision control of light distribution.

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